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Free Pregnancy Tests

We at A New Beginning acknowledge finding out you are pregnant can either be one of the happiest days of your life or one of the scariest. Whichever emotion our clients are facing we aim to educate them on their choices and support them along the way.

Earn While You Learn

Our desire is to empower our clients to be the best parents they can be. The Earn While You Learn Program teaches the client what to expect while they are expecting, healthy habits while pregnant, how to discipline with love, bonding with their child and so much more. As the clients complete classes they earn the "Baby Bucks" to "purchase" the material items they need for their baby.

Mommy & Me Closet

Raising a child is an expensive task. The material items needed are astounding. At A New Beginning CPC we offer a way to assist the clients with this task. In a society where so many people feel entitled to "things" we see the need to encourage responsibility. The Mommy & Me Closet is available to those clients who participate in the Earn While You Learn classes. The client must learn to save her "money" to purchase the larger items she requires such as a baby bed or stroller.

Peer Support

Clients often come to A New Beginning because they have a need they return because they found support. There are many ways we offer support to our clients which includes but are not limited to; peer counseling, shared experiences, community referrals, etc.

Classes for Daddy

Where does a man learn to become a man? Everyone expects that your dad taught you how to be a man. But what if he didn't do a good job? What if he wasn't even there while you were growing up? What happens if your mom was the strong force in the home? Almost every man has past experiences that leave him with nagging questions about how he should act as a real man.

Post Abortion Recovery

Abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person's life. Many women suffer in silence and deal with severe consequences. Our post abortion recovery program is a study that helps hurting women find healing through honest, interactive bible study, journaling exercises, and a confidential caring community.

Maternity and Baby Items

You can purchase with your "baby bucks": bottles, pacifiers, blankets, cloths, formula, diapers, wipes, lotions, etc. Layaway is available for the big items: baby beds, strollers, high chairs, pack n plays, etc.

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